I'm Getting Used To It

The hair that is. I managed to do something to the fringe. I think the hair looks better now. Maybe because I'm getting used to how I look, too :p

But I looooooooove the colour. Le sigh.

I like playing with my hair. It's really soft and... straight. No matter how I mess the hair up, it still stays the same. Mira likes to play with it, too.

My antique car gave me some trouble last night.

We went out to KFC to buy dinner back. While waiting for me, DH tried to switch off the car's headlight but it refused to be turned off. He tried a few times and had to turn off the engine too because suddenly, the car's temperature went up. I thought maybe there's no water in the radiator.

Once we got home, we still couldn't switch off the headlights no matter how many times I tried. I even tried to manipulate it but to no avail. This problem happened to me once a few weeks back, actually. I somehow managed to switch it off after a couple of times playing with the switch.

I was getting frustrated.

I tried picking the relevant fuse out hoping that maybe it'll work. Still, no improvement whatsoever. In the end, DH disconnect one of the battery's cable to cut the power out. That 'kills' it but of course, this was all temporary until I can find a mechanic in the morning.

Apparently, there's something wrong with the wiring. So, that's fixed now. But I had to change the battery as well because it became weak after I reconnect it to start the car this morning. It worked fine at first, but I had to stop the engine when I discovered the tube that connects that round black thing in the middle (OVCP issit? but what is OVCP?), has disengaged itself.

Again, I thought maybe that's the reason why the temp shoot up last night (I'm just guessing lah. I know nuts about engine weii.). However, it isn't so. The main reason was because the fan's motor has stopped working properly.

Knowing how bad traffic to and from work can be, I wouldn't want to be stranded with a heated car. I had to change to a new unit.

The car is operating back to normal now. I'm told by the mechanic to go find a spare part for this particular pipe that's attached to that black round thing (haha! mrasa lah interpret sendiri) from the kedai potong. I need to replace it sooner or later because its rusty / rusting.

Well, that's what you get maintaining an antique car. But I love my dad's car. It still has a lot more life left, I feel. And luckily also, we have another antique car in our possession because without it, I would have to walk all the way to the mechanic.

Yup, it's DH's mom's car. He 'inherited' it after his sister bought a spanking new Myvi a couple of months back.

Two antique cars, eh? It's not like we're a collector or anything. Lol.


p/s They're antiques because each car is more than 10 years old. My dad's for instance, is 13. Old kan?