I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just A Little Unwell

This morning, I woke up feeling ill. I have a slight headache and felt feverish. Could be because:

  1. I ate a tub of durian all by myself on the way home from work last night. Can't blame me. It was on 50% discount at Jusco's supermarket :p

  2. Mira and I stopped by Econsave supermarket pulak before going home. I bought a tub of Nestle's Crunch ice cream (oh.the.yummies!). And I ate two (yes, two!) full bowl of ice cream before bed.

Serve me right, innit? :p



Wawa said…
hey you over there, get well soon okeh.

Larawannabe said…
thanks. sendiri cari pasal kan. buruk lantak makan durian sorang. hehe.