My First Entry for NaBloPoMo

Hey, it's November already! In 60 days, we'll be celebrating a new year. Yikes!

Anyway, I think I'll take out featured postings for November. If I'm participating for NaBloPoMo, then the least I could do is to create my own entry instead of a cut-and-paste ones, eh?

DH woke me up early today, said something about sending his car for service. That was at 7 A.M. and he's still here. He also said something about us going for an outing later in the day. Maybe go out for lunch or dinner. Maybe even a movie (HSM3 please!!).

But I'm not feeling it at the moment because my throat feels rather dry. It's weird, I don't remember drinking a lot of cold drinks these past two of days. Before bed last night, I had a cup of hot tea, even.

We'll see how it goes.

I discovered a new widget in my N82 Download Catalog called WeatherBug. It says today's weather would be mostly cloudy with a drop of rain. Because the picture showed a single drop of rain from the sky. Lol.

Speaking of mobile phones, after I helped him find his ways in a few incidents recently via my phone's GPS, DH said he's thinking of getting the Nokia 6210 Navigator to replace his current phone (he's using Nokia 5300). I think that phone is good enough for him.

I'm excited and waiting for the day when he'll bring back the phone in anticipation! Because OF COURSE I want to try out the phone first... for maybe a couple of months. Muahahaha.

Oh, the Seasons patch download is now complete. I've been trying to get this done since last night, but the connection always seemed to freeze after downloading 45% of the patch. Gotta go fix my game.

I can say this to you now -- nothing will get done this weekend once I've started to play The Sims! ;-)