The Name Of The Game

Lets do this quickly...

We didn't go to the A1 GP because DH said the weather will be hot. I know. So vain, isn't it. Hehe.

We went to the supermarket nearby (again) to get some snacks. We also stopped over this new salon to give Mira a haircut. I thought of getting myself a haircut, too. I saw their promotions and thought I'd better send DH back home first. I wanted to colour my hair as well as do a little treatment to it. It'll take ages to finish, so that's why I better get DH off my back. If not, he'll complain lah :p

In the end, I took up a rebonding + hair colour + hair treatment package. It's rather cheap, so why not.

Rebonding not only gives your hair a soft texture and a shiny sheen, it also straighten your hair. I HATED it! I like my natural curls -- I've always received compliments for it whenever I let my hair down. I like straight hair, too, but only for certain occasion, ya' know? Now, it's totally straight. Huhu.

On top of that, I intended to just trim my hair up to shoulder length (like I did in March). After the whole rebonding process, the hair dresser cut the hair as my initial request. She added bangs, too.

I now look like Anna Wintour!!! Not as glamorous, of course because the china doll hair does not suit my face. On second thought, I think I look more like Dawn French compared to Anna Wintour. *cries*

I love Dawn French, btw. I think she's great and funny. But you know what I mean when I'm comparing me to her. I suppose, I should have kept my hair longer like hers.

I HATE my hair. Sigh.

But Iggy Singh said if I rock the goth-chic look, I should be able to pull it off. The thing is... my hair colour is brownish blonde! :(



Wawa said…
bad hair day huh?