Oh! Abang Grissom Ku!

Los Angeles (E! Online) – What if CSI wasn't CSI?

Last week, the CBS crime show was what it's been for most of this decade: TV's most-watched drama series.

But what if, suddenly, 21 million viewers, as top hit CSI is averaging for the season, became 13 million?

Then a new AOL Television poll will have been right on the money.

In the poll, 37 percent of respondents said they won't watch CSI after William Petersen exits at midseason.

About 41 percent effectively put the series on probation, saying "maybe" they'll keep tuning in, post-Grissom—it all "depends on how good [Petersen sub] Laurence Fishburne is."


I can't say I've lost interest in watching CSI, but I do agree that Grissom was what pulls me to watch this series weekly without fail. Oh, don't get me wrong, the other characters are all good in my book compared to the other branches of CSI i.e. Miami and New York.

I don't know why they need to replace Grissom. Why can't they promote Willows to take Grissom's place instead. And if they need to cast another character untuk cukupkan korum sekalipun, go and get a new guy in as a team member of that unit lah. Let us learn to love him/her first :p

I think Willows is prime for a promotion. Isn't she senior enough to be promoted? She's second-in-command, right? Therefore, why hire a new guy in a form of Laurence Fishburn to become the 'head' replacement for Grissom?

See, there's still office politics in a fictional setting, too. Lol.

Morpheus is coming to CSI y'all!! Maybe, the Oracle sent him to look for 'The One'. Muahahaha.



Anonymous said…
Last wed nite, mak tgk CSI: MIAMI.. leeeerrrrr.. Horatio kena tembak la plak. and that was the last ep of the season. hampeh...

I think there'll be a fiction with catherine's character and her new 'boss'. macam kat any corp org la kan. rather promote internal they hire somebody from the outside.
Anonymous said…

fiction= friction

Larawannabe said…
Bila nok mula2 kata 'fiction' I was thinking about fanfiction. Haha!

I have not been following CSI: Miami. Boring sket menengok akan ke-selow-an Horatio ittew.