What did I find in my inbox this morning when I check my email? A letter from Nokia Malaysia. And what does it say?


I've totally forgotten about this contest, to tell you the truth. I saw it last month (I think) on their website when I was helping MC choose a new phone. I can't even remember what I submitted as my slogan. I think it must have something to do with me professing my love for Edward :p

But I won! Yeay! The movie will be held on Thursday, 27th for its 7pm show and it'll be held at GSC 1 Utama. I can't wait! I've to go collect the tickets either today or tomorrow.

I first asked DH if he wanted to go (two tickets, remember), but of course, he asked me to go with Iggy Singh. I should have known. Remember that time when he won two tickets to watch The Golden Compass's premiere? But I thought I'd be a good wife and ask him first (yeah, right.)

However, Iggy is unavailable due to work commitment (meeting lah, apa lagik). We haven't hang out for the longest time.

So, I invited someone whom, coincidently, has become a Twilight convert yesterday over the weekend (am I right?) -- MummyChomel aka MC, uols. Hehe. Exciting-ness!

Btw, OME = Oh my Edward, as appose to OMG.