I have a warped mind. For unexplainable reasons, every time I see the word oxymoron, a picture of a pimply moron with a goofy grin comes to mind. In actual fact, the meaning of the word is "a combination of contradictory or incongruous words".

I wonder if 'elegant silence' is an oxymoron. There was an entry for 'eloquent silence', though.

Oh, I have another example of an oxymoron.

Yesterday, while waiting for Mira's doctor to do her rounds, I was flipping through the small newspaper insert of Mingguan Malaysia (alah, Pancaindera tu). I came across an article on Norman-Abby's public debacle.

You know, the one where she went to hunt down her husband to give him the divorce forms.

Oh wait, speaking of those, why was there a need to have a copy of the husband's IC and the marriage certificate in order to submit a divorce claim? Women can't divorce their husbands like a man can, but we are allowed to request for one, right. So, why can't they accept her application? Can they not get it from the husband himself? They still have to get in touch with him to report that his wife has launch a 'complain' against him, anyway.

Does anyone of you keep a copy of your husband's IC in the first place? :p

Ok, back to my story. The journalist, Niezam Abdullah, said in that center piece sequence-of-events article I read (I'm quoting as well as paraphrasing here; emphasis is mine, too),

We chased after Norman to advise him to get away from there, lest the situation becomes more intense. We were rather embarrased to have witness the public marital spat between the two of them.

Eh? You're the one who followed Abby in her pursuit; it was said a group of journalist followed her in two cars (amazing!). You can't wager a guess that there WILL be some sort of confrontation between those two? Come on, really, you can't? It's like a train wreck waiting to happen!

And yet you felt rather embarrassed to have witness it? Oh puhleese! You LIVE for moments like these! To be in the thick of things, get first hand information. Imagine that! It sells your papers, no?

Same thing happened when I saw that Terjah fella and his team in Melodi. They recorded every moment of it. And I spy not two but many folks around those two flashing their mobile phone to video the ordeal. And next thing you know, it's all over YouTube.

And then got the cheek to criticize based on moral grounds. Wtf.

Please lah! We get pulled towards these things. If not, people won't slow down their cars to check out an accident scene, just to see if someone's hurt. Not because they'd want to help the poor soul, but to see how gory the battered body looks like.

The more gory, the better. Then can take pictures using their mobile phones (everybody has one now, don't they?) to share it with friends or post it in forums, blogs and what not.

Those are some form of oxymorons for you -- based on the word's true meaning, or mine, take your pick.