Sua Sue Kemuning

What does it mean, really? If there is any meaning to the phrase in the first place. You can listen to (and watch) the song here.

I woke up this morning with a list of tasks to complete at work. There was a niggling feeling at the back of my mind that I am missing something. However at that time, I couldn't pinpoint what it was (obviously).

As soon as I came in, I saw my assistant hovering at my workstation, seemed to be looking for something. A particular piece of agreement of which was the caused of concern to a particular team. I don't keep those agreement with me, though.

We found it eventually. I hope the matter has been cleared and closed. This unplanned debacle took away more or less an hour of my time.

I have to skip the first two tasks in order to leave for the bank before half past eleven. I left as soon as I've prepared the stuff needed for my visit. Came back just before one, and Mr Gadget asked me about this service that he wanted me to check out.

He has decided to outsource our Exchange and has found a company that provides it. I am supposed to register and purchase the service as well as figuring out how to migrate our current settings to theirs.

I told y'all I'm an IT expert extraordinaire in my office. NOT!

A whole day gone with me doing things I didn't plan to do. Still, that feeling of dread that I've forgotten something important lingers. As soon as I saw Charlene's face before I left for the day, I remembered what it was.

I'm supposed to draft out an official letter for her client in order for her to close their projects. It's rather important. It's something that I have to throw in a couple of legal jargon in it to make it look lofty and posh. I surely need time and consideration with the creative juices flowing freely to work on my pi├Ęce de' resistence. Macam bagus jek :p

I promised her I'll have it done by tomorrow. And I haven't even started a single sentence. I'm doooooomed.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Looks like I have to dive into it first thing tomorrow, come hell or high water. I shall prevail!

Ok, now I go play Sims.