Take Me Shopping With You!

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that the work week is ov-vah!! I have been leaving for home late these few days, trying to finish off a task with today's deadline. I am glad to report that the documents are ready by 7 PM just now, sealed and handed over to UPS to be shipped off tomorrow.


I have also completed the Exchange migration plan for everyone yesterday. It includes upgrading theirs to the new Outlook as well as creating their email accounts over at the new provider. We can now send and receive emails via the new client. It looked to be working smoothly yesterday, but today the service kinda suck.

I'm not sure if it's because they're doing system maintenance or problems with our internet connection or something else. I thought I saw a notice yesterday on their website, but it's gone when I took a look at it today.

Meh. I'll mull over that on Monday.

A few things to look forward to this weekend...

Mira's school is organizing a fun fair for the kids and as their marketing tool, tomorrow morning. It'll be held at the school itself. I'm told there'll be lots of games for the kids to play and some sort of a food fair, too. I wish someone put up apple fudge booth. I'm so dying for one. Le sigh.

There was this one year in my school's fun fair, a group of girls were selling those apple fudge. I remembered how heavenly those apples were. I bought a few myself because it was oh-so-yummy.

Well, I supposed I can prepare it on my own. Unfortunately though, I am too lazy :p

And then, there's the A1 GP in Sepang.

I received tickets for Sunday's race. I'm really tempted to take it up. I've never been to Sepang Circuit, have never seen a race either. But... 1) I still have not buy the ear plugs; 2) it's in SEPANG, thus it is FAR?; 3) what to wear?? and 4) we're also thinking of going to watch the movie Storm Rider.

Oh, I just noticed that it's rated PG13. How now?