What A Day!

Went to meet the ladies for hi-tea at Darby Park at noon today. By the time I reached the place, Merry with Hn, MC with Myra, Lah with Farizal and Nora was there already. I was late because my car gave me some problem on the way. Had to SOS my husband to come exchange his car with me. Huhu.

Later he told me the problem was with it's Allspark eh, Mr Spock eh, the spark plug. He has changed it for me but I dunno if my car is all well now. I haven't said 'hello' to it since I got back :p

The food at the cafe was not bad, their selection aplenty. Unfortunately, Nora found a small cockroach in her lamb cutlet just as I was about to have a go at it. Langsung terbantut plan dan selera ku uols.

But besides that, the spread is worth your twenty bucks.

After lunch, we drove to KLCC nearby. Nora wanted to get a new pair of sunnies. There weren't a lot of choices there however, so no sunnies for her on this trip. She and Merry ended up buying tudungs from Arzu instead.

We left for home just after six, I think.

Oh btw, I went to watch Twilight again last night. Alone. It rained and the traffic looked bad. So while waiting for it to ease up, I just decided to go see it again. (Alasan je kan?)

In my second viewing, I note that there was a built up before Bella made her conclusion that Edward is a vampire. And I think Charlie's funny. And I still likes all the Cullen casts, they're prefect! I hope they were given more lines, but of course, the movie will become Midnight Sun instead of Twilight. Lol.

Dear Ms Meyer, please continue to write Midnight Sun. Pwetty pleaaasseeeeee.

And I'm liking the movie more.

I read some where that said they produced the movie just for the fans of the book. So I guess, it made sense to skip some things because you should already know about it.

On a different note, I've said this before and I'll say it again -- the screen in Signature is wayyyyyyy better then the 'normal' theater. It's more sharper, clearer and brighter (and nicer seats, too). It's true.

One more day to end Nablopomo. Phew!