Why Not Make It Three And Get Us There Alive?

It rained today, quite heavily I might add. What a relief!

We ended up not going anywhere yesterday, as predicted. I was just too engrossed with reading a book and playing The Sims. At least, laundry got done ;-)

We just got home from our usual Sunday night errands outing. This includes going to the supermarket for Mira's snacks supply for the week, send those things as well as a bag of Mira's fresh clothes to my Dad's and a trip to the petrol station for the week's fuel. Sometime we'll send the car for a wash, too.

This afternoon when I looked through Mira's homework, I saw the school's communication book was included in her bag. There were a few notices attached to it. One was to let us know the concert's video is now on sale as well as a set of portrait shots that they did before the concert.

Both will costs us RM81. -_-

Then, another notice was an introduction to a new program that will start next year. It's a special program for mastering English or Mandarin language called Beamind. Due to this additional class, Mira's school will be extended for an extra hour.

Of course, it'll also costs us an additional fee on top of what we're paying now. Also, they've decided to spread December's fee into the eleven months in a year. Previously, we are to pay that fee in advance in January. I expect we'll have to fork out about RM1,000 per term now for next year. x_x

So looking at Mira's new school hours for next year, I suppose I will have to start preparing a lunch box for her lah, Wawa. We just discussed about it recently, eh? Lol. I don't think she can survive on school's tea until noon.

I'll start practicing for this new routine in December. Huhu.