Tiada Lagi...

You guys.... Manja's gone! She collapsed and passed on at about 1:11 AM.

Just as she breathe her last breath, we heard this song playing in the background. DH and I couldn't help but burst out crying together.
Tiada lagi kata cintamu
Takkan lagi ku bersama mu
Biar ku simpan semua
Kenangan ku bersamamu

RIP My Dearest Friend

Goodbye Manja. I love you!


p/s I'm too distraught to write more, sorry...


Anonymous said…

I'm sorry about manja.. hang in there k...

you know i'll always be around if u need me.. bitchfest ka, makan makan ka.. just let me know! muahs!

Seri Langkat said…
Sorry to hear about Manja..
Hang in there babe..