Do not remove these chairs

Another Saturday and it's also the last day of February. Tomorrow we'll be in March. Same old, same old.

Here I am, sitting at the school's lobby, killing time and trying to pretend that I'm not aware that 'she' is here. Because the past two weeks since she started to ignore me, she'll whiz away downstairs. Not hanging out near the class's door, taking a peek at her girl, the teacher and the class.

Who is 'she'?

Well, she was the mother who befriended me the day we came for trial class. She's friendly, but I sense a lil bit of kiasu syndrome in her. For one, she bragged how her daughter can do ballet poses even before she went to a ballet class. I find that hard to believe because our national tv don't really show ballet performances on air every now and then, do they?

She also said the teacher from previous school was the one who suggested her to enrol her daughter into a known school because she was too good for them. Eh. The thing I couldn't stand about her was that she complained too much. She doesn't like how the class teacher teaches, said there's too many break in between and not showing the kids enough techniques.

Have she tried the class? Coz I tried practicing the things Mira learned at home and boy, it was tiring! The skipping, the jumping, the hand movements. So, I don't think it's wrong for the teacher to let the kids take a breather after each rep.

Three weeks ago, she was adamant to swap her kid to the Sunday's class. Supposedly, the class teacher is better. I guess she couldn't because I still see her on Saturday. And since then, we haven't spoken but a few hellos.

I find this rather amusing ;-p

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