My Little Ballerina

My Little BallerinaI wanted to enroll Mira into Baby Ballet class since she was two and a half years old. It has more to do with social reasons than anything else. It was either ballet or back to Tumble Tots.

But what's cuter than baby girls in pink tutu, right? Little did I know that even if she joined the class then, she'll be wearing a white pinafore. No tutus involved, whatsoever. Lol.

When I called the school back then, they only accept kids aged three years above for the said class. I kept that in file and planned to take her there after she turned three.

Her birthday came and went, and we never did anything about it. I haven't really forgotten, just me being the famous procrastinator that I am ;p

Now that she is about to turn five and showed real interest in dancing (she has learned by heart all the steps from her last year's school concert dvd... for ALL the performances!), DH thought it's time to revisit this plan of mine. Besides, she kept on telling me she wants to go 'dancing' as well as becoming a 'princess'.

What is with little girls and their fascination in becoming a princess? Something in the genes? I remembered wanting to be a princess when I was a child, too.

I made it as one of my 2009 goals to register her this year. Hence, the week before CNY I took her to the ballet school nearby where we live to check out the place and inquire about their classes. They're about to go on a week's break, so even if I enrolled her then, her class will only start on the first week of February.

Because her birthday is coming up soon, the admission lady said she can join the Pre-Primary class. And it was also our luck that day, a class was about to begin. She let Mira try out the class to see how she finds it before I pay up the registration and term fees.

I can see she enjoyed the class immensely. She came out from the room with big smiles and eyes shining with happiness. I signed her up without a second thought.

Her first class started yesterday. It was for 45 minutes. I can see that she had loads of fun, but to me, it looked rather tiring. The girls (there was about ten of them) did feet exercises, leg exercises, hands gestures (whatchamacallit?) and running around in circles on the balls of their feet (not quite tippy toes) with a sheer scarf as props.

I don't know where this will lead us as it's too early to tell but for now, it is something she likes, something fun to do and gives good exercise to boot :)

Oh, you know what'll be the next fun thing to do? Tap dancing!! Haha!



Anonymous said…
Good for her. She has an activity to look forward on weekend.