While We Wait...

We're at Mira's ballet school. She's just went in to start her class. I'm trying to find some ways to while away my time now.

Today, we're late. Not really late, more like we're just in time. However, still not enough time to put on her ballet shoes, put her report book in the inbox and prepare herself for class. Therefore, we're late anyway.

But luckily we're given a reprise. Her teacher held back her other class for a little bit.

I was suprised to see so many parents at the school lobby this morning. Usually, there'll be just a handful of us Pre-primary parents sitting there, waiting for our kids. But today, other parents are here as well. And a few elder girls (lets call them Seniors). Usually they'll cooped up upstairs.

As it turned out, today's test result day for Grade 1 class and they receive their certs, too. No wonder lah. The parents are here for it and they're all very excited about it, talking with their fellow peers. While we, Pre-prime parents look on, shall I say, dreaming of the day our kids get their own certs. Lol.

I think everyone passed, mostly, I peeked, get B grades. Congratulations to all the girls. I suppose they'll start Grade 2 next week.

That's it for today :)

Via N82 & Maxis 3G Internet. Hehe.