Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes

Where? Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil
When? Saturday, 21 March 2009 at 4:30 P.M.

Mira and I enjoyed the show very much. We both can share it mutually because, well... mommy here grew up on Disney Princesses, too. Mommy has grown up since though, but the Princesses are perpetually 16. No fair! Lol.

Here's one of a couple of videos that I recorded. It was Belle & Lumiere's segment from Be My Guest. The other videos aren't so clear -- the spotlight shown on the dancers were too bright.

On second thought, perhaps I should also include the Finale's beginning part as well.

And here's the link to view the photo album. Enjoy!

I had a conversation with a few of my colleagues about these Princesses a while back. How Aurora was the most beautiful, Cinderella the kindest and most humble, and Snow White the most innocent. How Prince Edward was the most handsome and Prince Phillip the most dashing and adventurous.

My personal favourite is Cinderella. I don't quite like Snow White very much to tell you the truth. She's just too... child-like for me. The way she behave; the way she speaks (so mengada-gada gitu). Reminded me of Shirley Temple, actually.

Who's your favourite Princess?



nong@kween said…
my fav is cinderella as well, narnia's show white boleh???
Larawannabe said…
mira suka cinderwewa also. she looked forward to see under the sea segment, but lepas tu she kinda lost interest and wanted to see cinderella je.

hmmm... come to think of it, i dont think she's watched snow white yet. sleeping beauty dah, but the rest belum lagik.

time to educate! lol.