I think I'll just put my feet up for a few minutes

Phew! I've just finished folding and putting away piles of laundry. I've managed to accumulate a small hill over the weeks. I like putting the dirty clothes into the washer but have no interest in folding them.

So, the cheese fries was served five minutes after I submitted yesterday's entry. The dish was bland and uninteresting. After a few bites, we left.

I think we'll just stick to cakes next time. However, they won't be seeing us next weekend because the school's closed for term holiday.

Fortunately, we've something else lined up for that Saturday -- Disney Princesses on Ice! The three little girls and their mommies will be there to watch the show. We're all excited and looking forward to it :)

I'm just going to laze around with a book that I borrowed from the National Library until it's time to iron work clothes. Thank god the school's out. That means I have five set of clothes less to iron. Haha.

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