Monday, March 23, 2009

Kill The Lights

Have you signed up yet? I have. We will switched off our lights this Saturday from 8:30 P.M. for a full hour. Normally, whenever there's no electricity, I'll bitch about it. But for a good cause, I'll persevere. Lol.

Besides, you only be switching off your lights, right? Not cutting off the electricity totally.

You know what'll be interesting, though? To see if people around my neighbourhood take part in this, too. I'll be watching...

Eh, so sign up already lah! Easy peasy.



SH said...

Is this Earth Hour really going to amount to anything? It's pure symbolism. Oooh turning off your lights for 1 measly hour. If you want to make a difference educate people in energy saving ways and have them practice it in their lives instead of meaningless stunts like this.

Larawannabe said...

Owh... You need to read what it's all about, as well as the history behind Earth Hour. It's just not a 'meaningless stunt' or something 'silly' as how one blogger wrote it.

And besides, creating awareness is also part of education, no?

SH said...

Oh I've read about it. I just think it's pointless and it's just to make people feel good about themselves. I'm just cynical about it. Now that the hoopla is over will people in Malaysia adopt energy saving ways and be more environmentally friendly? Or will they go back to being apathetic?

tic said...

haiii... first time mai cni.. P