Make sense right now or I swear I will execute you right where you stand!

Says Lara, a quote taken from Tomb Raider: Legends.

I have been thinking, what would Lara do in my situation. Probably, she'll draws up her 9mm twin Colts to kill him off. Huh. Probably not. Maybe she'll just use it to intimidate. And then, slams the door and walk a way looking all calm and collected. Like she owns the joint.


I wish! But all I want, and it is important, is something worth while in return. They owe me that much anyway. All I need to do now is to word it and play my cards right. If I'm successful, then probably I'll come out the better.

Btw, I haven't got the chance to play Tomb Raider: Underworld yet. So frustrating!! I've asked everywhere for its copy in PS2 format. But the agents only brought in these -- PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.