Saturday Live

We're at Secret Recipe. This is our usual Saturday routine now -- ballet class in the morning, Secret Recipe for a slice of cake and a cup of hot chocolate after.

Today, I deviated a bit. I ordered for a plate of cheese fries. I am still waiting for it, though ;-p

I think they've forgotten about it. When asked, they told me its in the oven baking. Yeah right. Everyone of them are outside, who's in the kitchen then?

Why can't they admit they've forgotten about it. Instead of telling me a white lie. Eh.

And I'm still waiting for my fries!

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Anonymous said…
I don't remember of cheese fries on their menu. Since x sedap, i won't try! hehehehe

Larawannabe said…
i think it's called 'australian cheese fries' kot. u cari under side orders. we ordered spring rolls hari tu pun lebih elok agaknye. lol.