I'm going to offer to do dog walking

But then, I am afraid of dogs. It must have something to do with being chased by this one white furry looking thing of my neighbours when I was a kid. I'm now traumatized for life! :p

But 'Plan E' aside, lets talk about last Friday. I started this entry last week before my modem went kaput. Dah basi ke? Meh. Thanks to Blogger's autosave feature, saved most part of this entry.

So. That Friday, my weekend started early. I took half the day off from work to spend sometime with my Mommies fwens *smile*. We plan to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic movie together at Pavilion. It was concocted by MC since the age of dawn about a month ago. It was also about the same time Merry sent me an SOS that she needed 'rescuing'. Lol.

Nong bought us our tickets (again, thank you Nong!). I met up with them over YSL counter at noon before we headed to PepperLunch for... err... lunch. After that we did some walkabout exercise to burn whatever we ate to make some space for dessert.

The two SAHMs had to tied up some loose ends before joining us, hence they only made their appearances when we were at Godiva for chocolate drinks. And then, it was time for the movie.

The movie was funny and fun (maybe also coz I am with good company ;)). Movie!Luke Brandon wasn't how I imagined him to be in the books. I thought he'd be more of a preppy sort. Tidy, sharp and smart. Although, I must say movie!Luke in a form of Hugh Dancy was very sexy. Hot!

Anyway, other than the apparent location difference, they also changed the plot a bit I think. Wiki said the movie adapted the first two books into this, so I suppose that explains it.

We were supposed to be heading home after the movie. That was the plan. I don't know how we got from the loo, to Times and then to Stage to look at their make up. And somehow, we're back at Parksons; where Nong took Nora to the YSL counter, whilst MC and I followed Merry to Armani's.

Also, don't ask me how I got myself a makeover AND I even bought a something-something ('magic' loose powder y'all) from them. Huhu. There were other 'damages' done by others, too ;p

Ta-da! Unfortunately, Nong was not in this shot because she left a bit earlier. It was either close to or already nine by the time we wrapped things up. Kalau tak, dah print and framed dah gambar nih!



Anonymous said…
Argh! sungguh rugi mak balik awal. but then, it was super nice regrouping with y'all again. We should execute merry's proposal tu..