Saturday, April 25, 2009

One step at a time, Sweetie

Thought I should get those movies listed in my wishlist since forever. Good thing I procrastinated (Haha!) because the price for Transformer 2-disc Special Edition has been reduced. I wanted to get Twilight but apparently the distributor didn't bring in the 2-disc version.


The Sex & The City movie DVD was too 'clean' for my liking :p The censor-board took out almost all Dante's scenes and one or two of others. I think most of it involves Samantha. I shouldn't be too surprised, eh?

I thought I already have SATC season one. Should have bought that instead of season two. Bah!

I think I also want to start collecting Supernatural and Gilmore Girls as well.

High School The Musical 3? That's Mira's lahhhhh. Lol.

Ok, things that I need to do this weekend (other than laundry and cleaning up after Booboo):
  • Do the 'Tax' thing (need to know if we can afford a one-way ticket to Europe. You've heard about the 2nd Tsunami predicted to happen in July, haven't you? Must be prepared for that :-p)
  • Do book collection inventory because I've forgotten which In Death books I need to buy next
  • Probably clear up my desk and do some filing
  • Maybe I'll work on my 'veg garden' project, then you can start asking me 'how does your garden grow?'


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flowerella said...

HUH? Europe uols? Well, mak must be NOT EARNING WELL enuff for mine could only pay me a stabak??? or paling bagus pun spasang kasot vincci.. :P:P