Time for some updates, I feel

  1. First and foremost, I need to find a new job within these two months. Why? I'm not about to divulge here, of course. But as a gist to the initiated, the 'December' debacle has grown into something ugly and it has now burst into one smelly pus (bukan Puss in Boots yea). It's time for me to go.

  2. Last Saturday, I kepochi-ed with the Admin person of my daughter's dance school. Just wanted to know what happened to the other mommy. Her daughter made friends with mine and she was really nice. Pam said she's moved her daughter to Sunday's class, without even telling her. She just came in one Sunday, and told the other lady she wants her kid to join that class. I said, 'Good lah. She's not happy with this teacher and thought the other one better. I know weeks leading to it she complained a lot'.

  3. I also bought this bag for Mira. I've been looking for a nice 'ballet' bag for her to keep her stuff and have been eyeing this bag since she joined. See them being tote around by the older girls. But the one in stock was a bigger size that looks like a small pillow. Happy to discover the new stocks for the smaller bag arrived last week :)

  4. We had to drop by the Library after that. 'Had to' because it wasn't in my initial plan. I thought I still have a week to renew but alas, it was due the week before last. I renewed the two of mine and borrowed three new ones for Mira. It's fun going to the Library, actually.

  5. We left for Ikea after that. Bought a few small items that in the end, costs more than my initial spending budget. Lol.

  6. On the way home, just as we entered the way to our housing area, our car break stopped functioning. There was no pressure, it's like I'm pressing air. I wanted to slow the car down a bit and in front of us, there was a lorry. Imagine my horror. Fortunately, I wasn't speeding (was driving at a leisurely pace), the lorry for some reason decided to go to the left to stop at just about the same time and there was no car in front of it. I straight away drive all the way to a workshop. On the way there, I can feel the break pressure came back. By the time I reached the workshop, it was back to normal. The mechanic said there was a leak. It's all ok now...

  7. Taking the remainder of day off later to hang out with the Mommies for lunch and a movie date.