Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt

One more Friday to go before I'm outta here. I can't wait, to tell you frankly. I don't have 'anywhere' to go yet. I need a break, so I'm prepared to just not think about work for 2-3 weeks. So no, I've not panicked yet.

I supposed part of it is because I'm rather choosy with where I want to work and what I want to be doing next. Sigh. Terlalu banyak songeh. Hehe. Probably not a good thing to do now looking at the economy, but I'd rather do something I like. Don't wanna stress for no reason no more. Not like you'll be appreciated for it anyway :p

Anyhow, the new staff started work last Monday. She's a lot of experience especially in doing accounts, which is good. She's meticulous (and rather anal, I might add), too. Which is... good and bad, depending on how you view it.

For example, she wanted to write her own handover list because she has a preset format she wanted to use; and told Mr Gadget she wants to immediately get her hands dirty with accounts. The thing is, it has now become like as if she's training me on the proper way to do everything pulak. I don't have time for it, really. I have been given a set of things to complete before next week, but it seems like I have spent so much time on unnecessary things like these.

I wanted to tell her 'I don't care however it is you want to do', but I don't want to offend her lah kan. Nanti she think I'm not being cooperative, but really, the boss just wants her to pick up where I left off (like how they did to me when I first joined). But she's too engrossed in trying to see where we did wrong that I'm afraid she'll missed out on other outstanding matters that needs her attention now.

Like preparing and paying the statutory stuff, as well as paying boss' bills, for instance. I've reminded her twice, but I don't really think she's done it until today.

And then last Monday, I suggested she ought to replenish pantry items which were running low. She wanted to wait until this weekend to purchase it. Why, though, when there are three major supermarkets right under her nose? But she insisted. So in the end, by Wednesday, I went shopping for it instead because we're running out of things.


I should stop worrying and concentrate on completing my tasks. Really, I should! I've only five more days left. So this morning I appeared aloof and uninterested when she started on her 'this is the way we should have done it' lecture and I just shrugged and tell her 'you can do that moving forward'.

I'm not interested to know. It's not something I plan to be doing in my next job. NO MORE ACCOUNTS, thanks.

Now, like Iggy Singh, I am in need of some divine intervention soon, pretty please. I have found a job that I really want, but it has been three weeks since our second meeting and they have yet to finalize on who they'll hire. Please, please, let it me moi!