Things that makes you go 'Hmmm...'

Ok, so the incident from two weeks ago, the one where Mira got reprimanded from her ballet teacher, did scare her off about the class. Of all times, why now (or better now than later?)? They're all preparing for the exam slated for April next year.

I can't just pull her out, right? That's kinda admitting defeat without even trying. Besides, I know she loves the class. She's been preparing her stuff and talking about it since last night.

Come to think of it, could it also be because of her lack of practise the night before? I'd normally make her do her routines (of those that I can remember) Friday nights but I've neglect it for three weeks in a row. So Mira came into class ill prepared.

We missed the class last week, too. She may think she's forgotten everything. Oh dear! No wonder she cried. Sigh. I'm too busy with my emo-ness and worry, I didn't see she needs my help. My bad.

I think I ought talk to the teacher on how to handle this. Probably she has some sort of instructional video I can buy to assist me in Mira's training. I can't remember every step lah kan ;-p Maybe this is a good time for me to join this forum I found and has been lurking in for peer support .

But first, cake after class and some pep talk and a hug. Today is her first new class as a Primary candidate. It's an hour long this time.