First observations

Due to our conflicting schedule this July (over tak mak dan anak sama-sama busy?) I had to rearrange Mira's ballet classes for this month. There was no Sunday classes available for Mira's batch, so we're sent to Lot 10.

The school here is rather small. There are only two studios and a piano room. There are a lot more kids here compared too. Probably because it is a Sunday class and the fact that it's in a shopping mall.

I also observed the kids in the class are more friendlier. And cheerful.

And the teacher seemed to be more kid friendly. The way she teaches is more fun and interesting, more child like.

Not that the other teacher is bad; she's very patient and loves her kids, but she's very linear in the way she instruct her kids. Could be because most of them have been with her since they were 3 or 4 years old and already have the basics.

Anyway, this is only Mira's first time here it's too soon to tell. She enjoyed it, though.

We'll see how the rest of the weeks go, eh.