I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it

Although, after I rebonded my hair a few months back, it is perfect! I have outgrown some at the roots, so will need to do something to that before it gets out of control. However, I still cannot wear white.

I'm being asked to take a break, so I shall blog.

I received an email via FB yesterday from an old school friend. She said she couldn't recognize me except for my eyes and smile, so just to be sure she sent me an email to ask if I am who she thinks I am. Isn't that sweet? I never thought any of my ex-school mates remembered me because I have grown exponentially since.

Ok lah, not 'exponentially'; I am overweight (that's what the chart said) but I am not obese :p But still, compared to how stick thin I was before, I HAD grown enormous. Lol.

Anyway, she said I looked different and fairer some how. Agreed, I am fairer compared to when I was in school. I always thought it was because I was rather active back then and was always under the sun. But come to think of it, probably it is because I have grown enormous thus my skin are streched and ta-da! I am fairer?

I cracked myself sometime. Hahahahaha!

It could also be because we hardly see the sun nowadays, eh? Not because of the haze, you understand. Because we leave for work at the break of dawn and come back home after the sun set. What a life.

Well, I decided to check my 'landing page' last night via www.larawannabe.com (bet you've forgotten I have one of those, haha) and thought I'd visit my FriendFeed. It was something my ex-TA friend, Nightrider, forwarded to me a long time ago and I signed up for it. It is also something like Twitter, only a lot more busy as in it also collects your feeds from various sources.

I haven't checked on it for a while. I thought it was dead, but apparently not. I have forgotten I have included a few things in that -- my Twitter, this blog, Flickr, etc. So it does get updated rather frequently.

For something that I thought died, I seemed to have a few followers (subscribers) and guess who I found amongst the many (all 15 of them, lol!)? Kim Kardashian and P.Diddy, y'all!! Kelas nyah!

If they actually use FF, then they can actually read my crap all these while. Lol.

So what I decided to do? I now follow them on Twitter :)

I have sinced found two Twitter software for S60 (for my N82 lah) -- Gravity and Twittix. I am currently testing Gravity and loves it! I have not been missing any tweet-feed from those I subscribe. Bliss!

Tried as I might to not follow celebrity Twitterers (other than Britney, of course), I can't ignore them any longer. I am even following John Mayer since a few weeks ago and I found his status updates rather amusing, too -- made me smile in the morning :)

See, I don't understand why some folks said Twitter is boring. I reckon they just do not know how to use it :p

This entry sounds like I am plugging Twitter, eh? But I promise you, I am not. Hehe.

A few days ago, I received a note... well, it was more like a letter, actually; from my apartment's building manager. It was about our over capacity parking problem. He said the management asked me to either start using my Dad's old car (his word was 'activate' - Transformers ke apa ni?) or sell it off in order to make some space for other car owners.

I was damn pissed off, I tell you!

Firstly, who does he think he is to ask me to sell off my car, albeit it is ancient. Secondly, my car may be ancient, but it still look better than this other ancient car on the block which looked like it was about to fall apart! And thirdly, there were 2 or 3 other cars that are stagnant, too, so why am I the only one being given such letter?

So, I wrote back. I told him off, I think I did that nicely and said I have no intention of selling the car. I am saving up to buy a new engine for the car, but otherwise, the car is still in good condition. Because I haven't use the car for some time now, the battery is dead. It is new though, we just need to recharge it.

And surprise, surprise, I received a reply from him sounding all hurt, disappointed with me and, get this... he said I was spiteful! What the... ? They asked me to sell my car weii and *I* was spiteful? Dah la eja spiteful salah (spideful -- apakah?).

He also said when he last spoke to me, I agreed to sell it. Hello? Even back then you were the one who suggested it, not me.

And only now he clarifies that two other tenants received the same letter as well.

See, he should have stated that in his first letter, then I wouldn't have felt as if I am being picked on.

But the thing is, I think they're wrong to even send me that letter.

This morning, I observed that the two other cars were both parked in the vacant lots. My 'inactive' car is in my own lot. DH's car, the one I am using now; we park it in any vacant lot available. So if there wasn't one, we'll park it outside. So far, I have always been lucky to find a vacant lot.

I don't think we are preventing other car owners the use of the vacant lots, because they are on first come first serve basis. Unlike those two other cars, which was left intentionally in the vacant lots while their active cars are also being parked in their own lots.

Don't you think so?

I refused to reply to his second letter and be in a war of words with one that has poor understanding of the language. There is no way I'm going to write to him and then get the intent of my letter being construed as something else.

See, now I AM being spiteful :p