I'm living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart

Hahaha! I so love that quote from E. E. Cummings. He's the same guy who wrote that beautiful poem, I carry your heart with me, which was recited by Cameron Diaz's character in the movie In Her Shoes. I love that poem, too.

Friday is here again. I got a feeling that we'll start to get busy come August, after the BOD meeting.

You know what I look forward to every morning at work? Coffee made by the Tea Lady. Gawd, her coffee is yummy! It may be just your generic Nescafe, but she made it so good.

And oh, I was such a klutz this morning. I managed to tripped over my kain and fell as I was walking up the stairs, right in front of the building facing the main road. I wanted to say, 'I hope nobody saw that', but there was two women standing at the taxi stand and they saw it.

To their credit, they didn't laugh though, but looked rather worried. But me being me, I just stood up straight and walked away as if nothing happened. Lol. As if!

It's going to be another busy-and-early-mornings weekend for me. I have tutorials on Saturday and Mira's ballet class on Sunday. This will be her last class in Lot 10. From next week onwards, she'll be back to her usual class.