In my dreams, I could be a Princess, and that's what I was

We missed Hermione's wedding reception in JB the weekend before last, due to unfortunate circumstances. Turned out, there were a lot others that was part of a bunch of people she 'spent 10 years out of her life with' who couldn't make it either. M was the only person who made it there of the same batch.

So, when she was given a few extra table for her KL reception on Saturday courtesy of her new MIL, she re-invited a few of us to attend. I wouldn't missed it for the second time -- that would be a crime lah kan. Lol.

I brought Mira along, what Nong termed hers 'permanent accessory', it applies here too. But here's the thing -- now that Mira is all grown up it's really fun going out with her. If I can, I would drag her along everywhere I go. She's a joy to be with and I feel I'd missed out by not spending more time with her.

I told Mira we're going to see a princess; she was SO excited. I think I underestimated how excited she was.

We sat together with other peeps whom *I* spent 8 years of my life with, which includes Bosley. Haha.

When Hermione walked in with her husband and entourage, Mira was estatic! She wanted me to bring her nearer so she can take photos (my daughter, the apprentice cam-ho). She all but ooh-ed and aah-ed all the time it took for Hermione to walk from the entrance of the ballroom to the dais.

Later, I brought her to meet Hermione 'personally' and they took a photo together, as seen above. And she was in heaven! Can you imagine meeting a real life princess and have a photo taken with her for a little girl? Even Hermione can tell how happy she was (she told me this this morning).

On the way home in the car, Mira couldn't stop professing how pretty the princess and how 'so very* magical' it all was. I guess, she slept with happy dreams that night :)

p/s 'So very' is the phrase she kept using nowadays... so very cold, so very hungry, so very tired. You get the drift.



Anonymous said…
Awwww.. I am sooo love the phrase 'so very magical..'.. betol2 like dreams come true for her.