Who is more busy than he who hath least to do?

I have no idea what the above quote means. However, this conversational exchanges happened a few days ago...

Dad, to me: These few days when Mira comes home from school, she will
complain she's in pain to me. Have you checked with her teacher if there are any
problem in school (note: standard line, this)?

Me: What's wrong with her?

Dad: She said her stomach ached, sakit pipi, sakit
and there's a cut on one of her knee. Is she being bullied in
school? (Looking at Mira) Girl, is someone hurting you in school? You tell the
bugger 'NO! I'll wallop you back, then you know'.

Me, thinking: Did my dad just told her to beat up other
children?? Adoila!

Dad, to Mira: Show bibu where you're hurt (she then proceeds to show me her

Me: Alah, that one she got it from her cat.

Dad, to Mira: Oooh. Why you didn't tell me you played with your cat.

Mira, smiling sheepishly.