You’re all fools to think you can defy the Volturi

If you go 'Volturi who?', then you haven't read the Twilight series. If you still wants to know who they are, well... they're 'a vampire coven that resides in Volterra, Italy, who are regarded as "royalty" by other vampires because they have lived for well over three thousand years and act as police, enforcing the rule that vampires' existence remain a secret from humans'.

You can read all about them here.

Pay close attention to Jane. She's my favourite in the Volturi camp because I hate her; but I think she's evil-cool. If I am to become a badass vampire, I'd choose to be her. Lol.

Althoughhhhh... come to think of it, Jane is perpetually a child. It would be boring to be a kid for years and years and years, eh? Hmm... *no sex?*

Anyway, Dakota Fanning will be portraying Jane in the movies. Click on the photo above to enlarge it. They all have got red eyes, unlike the Cullens. If you don't know why this is significant... sigh, go read the books already! Lol.

Or you can Google it :p

Can't wait for November to come. Woot!




doubleaye said…
I baru beli Twilight book. What is the order of the series? Could you please enlighten me pls? :P Thank you!
Larawannabe said…

Mula mula, read Twilight.

And then, New Moon.

And then, Eclipse.

And then, Breaking Dawn.

And then, we wait endlessly for Midnight Sun, which Stephenie Meyer kata dia tak nak habiskan coz dia majuks someone posted her draft on the internets.

Of which, a copy of the said draft you can get from her website itself, just to give you a glimpse of what you'll be missing :p