Don't count your OWLs before they are delivered

I have a pimple (or two?) on my nose. Thank goodness it isn't a prominent one, but is visible just under the skin. However, no thanks to that, I now look like Rudolph.

I sat for another paper this morning. Principles of Management to be exact. Thank God it wasn't that bad. I started reading the last 10 chapters on Saturday and sat down to do short notes the next day.

Yer, kerja giler.

I had been reading my notes the whole day yesterday -- on the train going to work, on the train back and after dinner last night. But it was hard to concentrate with ANTM showing on TV. I never follow this show, but yesterday I was compelled to watch it. Sigh.

I did plan to start revising since the dawn of day begining of August, but got side-tracked ;)

So, can you imagine how happy and relief I felt when I discovered the first question was on BCG Matrix? OMG, I wanted to do to the jig on the table right there and then! Lol. I was asked to explain how it can help in deciding strategies and elaborate each categories.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy uols, especially when you've been involved in the corporate sector for long, kan. Because a few of my classmates don't get why I am being so happy about it and they think that question is hard. Apakah?

And one of the essay question was on interview selection process. Woohoo!

Now I am confident I will be able to at least pass this paper. Lol. Maybe not with 'flying colours' but as long as I can take up 3 subjects in the semester after next, I am happy :)

Next, and the last paper for this semester, will be in two weeks time. An easy subject, plus it will be in multiple choice questions.

The worst is over, now I can relax. Teehee.



nong@kween said…
for the life of me, explain again what is BCG matrix? It was like a mantra when i was in hampeh org.. now cam distant n past memories jek LOL
Larawannabe said…
BCG matrix yg question mark, star, cash cow, dog tuuuu.

i pun learned it from the telco dulu. i think zaman tu theyols je la yg sibuk buat strategic planning ni. lol.