I thought you were supposed to be the forgiving one, and I was the grudge-holder

I think I like this new theme very much. It goes very well with my 'tagline' :)

I sat for a paper this morning. It was 'English for Oral Communication'. I am confident I will not score much, but whatever. Lol. Because it's an 'oral communication' subject, 80% of the total marks will come from our oral evaluation, which I've gotten an A for.

The irony was, while I scrambled to remember the meaning of consonants, consonants sound, phonetics and phonemes last night, guess what came out today? Something about 'fricatives', 'glides' and 'stops'. Wtf?? Haha.

Luckily there was one question which asked us to construct a small-talk dialogue between 2-3 people. I am sure I get full marks for that. Lol.

The paper was for an hour and ten minutes, so after that I went to do what I planned to do yesterday straight away. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. The clerk gave me a new form, I filled it up and submit it back to him.

He gave me a number and was told to look out for something in the mail within these 2 weeks.

Driving back to the office, I felt relieve. A bit apprehensive but relieve nonetheless.

I hope everything will go smoothing from this point forward. Friends, please pray for a speedy process.



doubleaye said…
Me likey the new template!! Mana dpt?
Larawannabe said…
kan kan kan? memberi semangat to blog often gitu. lol.

i got it from here htp://btemplates.com

macam2 template ada. i saw this one like a note book. so pwetty. but tak sesuai with how my content flow pulak. go check them out.
nong@kween said…
mum2h said…
kalau le i yg ambil english test tu..sure F hahahaha..dulu co lama..malay-speaking based including with the students. Sekarang english-based..ermmm tergeliat jugak le lidah
Larawannabe said…
Kes I pulak terbalik. Kadang2 conscious jugak bila nak bercakap, karang orang kata eksyen pulak kan. Haha.

And with the 'Puan' lah, 'Encik' lah... why so formal one? ;)