Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have

I love Sunday nights nowadays because the Supernatural boys are back. Dean Winchester is ten kinds of hott! The menyampah part is, we're only seeing season 3 now when the series are actually in its 5th season already.

Mira likes Smallville. It suited our unwinding time very well -- Smallville at 9 PM, Supernatural an hour later. And then, off to bed.

Speaking of Smallville, them kids Lana and Clark -- will they ever get together?? Like tak sudah-sudah unrequited love gitu. Even at this point when Lana is about to marry Lex, they are both sorta pining for one another.

And I suspect there is some kind of conspiracy about Lana's pregnancy. Tapikan, logik ke? You don't or aren't aware that you're pregnant yourself? Even after falling down the stairs and being whacked by baddies, the doctor told Lana, 'the baby is safe'. For real?

Anyway, I've Googled and somewhat knew the answer (as to whether they'll get together or not as well as the pregnancy bit) already. Unless you don't want to be spoiled, check this Wiki page out.

I would like to profess my undying love to Wikipedia, right about here *loves* ;)

I woke up with a stiff neck this morning. Lepas tu, the car refused to start with ease pulak, even after I did the usual tricks. It's like the car decided to sleep and needed to be awoken with a start by giving it a shock, you know.

We don't know what exactly was the problem and neither does the mechanic fellas. Probably because when we brought the car for a check up, everything was running smoothly, the car is happy as a peach.

Now, why is the peach happy? I don't know.

The guard took pity on me and helped me push the car. After a few tries, we managed to jump start the car at last. In return, I pitied the aging uncle. Lol.

There was this guy who saw the whole debacle but decided to hide in his car the whole time we were puffing and pushing. He just refused to get down from his car, you know. He just sat in it, thinking I didn't noticed him.

I have swell neighbours, I tell you. Even strangers I met at the LRT carpark are friendlier and helpful than him!

Yes, I occassionally do face the same problem. I think the hardest I've prayed would be the walk from the main entrance of the station to the car -- please God, let the car start without problem.

I must say majority of the time God took pity on me and grant me my wish :)

On Saturday someone came home, blissfully happy, showered me with things. I was taken aback and felt a little bit overwhelmed by it all. Also, a little bit guitly (because I want it and was worried if it'll be taken back, see). But I don't feel it's right, so I told what had transpired over the week.

Of course, the blisfully happy became tragically emotional.

I was told asked to take it back, to cancel my action. I just smiled, never really said anything but somehow it was misunderstood to be that I agreed. So the days passed like any other day, which is why, I think, I never really see the need to do anything about it until now.

I can imagined the shock someone will feel when the nondescript (I suspect saja lah) letter arrive in the mailbox later. I am SO looking forward to it... not!



nong@kween said…
Mak pun dah start layan Smallville, few episodes back.. and mak sker gak Supernatural. but am sooo penakotszzz.. oh my, Dean Winchester mmg sangat HOT!!!! Sexyyy!!

Apakah yg sudah mendapati? ;)
nong@kween said…
Oh ya, Smallville tu mak sker Oliver the Green Arrow. Dimanakah dia? Dah mati ek??? He's soo handsomeee!!!!
Larawannabe said…
Handphone kecik, tapi sudah diambil balik :p Buruk siku tak???

Dulu mak suka adik dia Sam, feeling saki baki from Gilmore Girls kot. Now dah 'dewasa' ni, I'm liking Dean more. Hehe.

Oliver is not dead, I think. He's gone for now.
nong@kween said…
I liked Dean since jaman2 dia berlakon dlm Dark Angel.. ;)

Sudah ditarik balik? huhuu...nemind...
SH said…
Oh my gosh! I love Supernatural. ALready watched the 3rd season and it's great. And yes Dean is very hot :)
Larawannabe said…

You mean you've already watched the WHOLE SEASON 3?? Oh, jeles.


Wait, wait. Dean was in Dark Angel?? How come I dont know one (oh, sebab I'm not a follower of DA la kan. lol).
nong@kween said…

yes, he was Alex...! Kewl gils!