No pleassure, no expressions, just an illusion of what should but wasn't

There is a war in my head or is it my heart? I'm not sure. But one party think it shouldn't bother me anymore but another think that at least I should feel a tinge of something.

Have you ever experience this feeling before? I am having a headache because of it.

I am wearing a new pair of shoes to work today. I bought it yesterday from Sogo. I feel like as if that place is on perpetual sale or something. I think their sale may have started since the day I work in this district.

The sale will ends on Merdeka day, btw.

So this new pair has 4 thin straps at the front, one at the back with a 3-inch heels. And I am cursing myself everytime I walk because the strappy front part hurts like a bitch. Padan muka mak kan. Lol.


Gosh, what a frivolous entry this is! XD