Sweetheart, I don't do shorts.

TV3's so cruel! They have changed Sunday night's slots but never informed me (berlagak!). WTH lah kan.

For two weeks already they showed these two different dramas (sempena Ramadan, probably) with Umie and Fahrin as husband and wife.

Last Monday I checked the showtime schedule for yesterday from their website, it showed the supposed usual schedule -- Smallville at 9pm, Supernatural at 10pm, but alas, no such thing occured last night. Apakah??

Today I checked again for this Sunday's schedule with Smallville and Supernatural in their usual timeslot, but wanna bet there will be another drama showing at 9pm and then Smallville pushed to 10:30pm and no Supernatural again?




Anonymous said…
yikes.. mak pun tunggu supernatural (wlpun penakotz).. balik2 citer cerekarama kuar and smallville lepas tu. manakah hilangnya Supernatural????
Larawannabe said…
ha tu la... mak rasa tv3 rearrange showtimes to accommodate drama2 ramadan tu lah. so tiada supernatural for the next 2 weeks perhaps? siaran tergendala sebentar. kuang3x.