When they say every flavor, they mean every flavour!

I have decided to prepare Nasi Lemak for breaking fast today. Later after work I'll drop by the Supermarket to get some provisions - like onions, garlic, old ginger, pandan leaves perhaps, some anchovies and cucumber.

I also hope they have either Cukup Rasa or Pasti Sedap, for I want to try to fry chicken with it. And also Maggi's Perencah Nasi Beriyani kot-kot nak buat pulak one of these days kan. Hehe.

I'm resorting to cooking the dishes myself (as usual) because the Pasar Ramadan near where I live are rather 'blah'. The selection for desserts were uninteresting whereas the dishes looked unappetizing.

Like yesterday, I bought us grilled fish. Tasted as if it was fried instead :p

What's for dessert? I think I shall follow my own suggestion to Wawa -- simple jelly with fruit cocktail (or french vanilla ice cream?)! Lol.



Wawa said…
so how?

jadi nasi lemak tuh?
mum2h said…
nak masak lemak le jugak hr ni...
Dgn sambal ayam mmm sedapnye..

Mmg pun param tu mengecewakan.

Semlm I try buat udang black peper pakai perencah maggi. Not bad! Just alter skit2 je. Bakar Ikan semlm dlm aluminium foil pun sekejap je.
Larawannabe said…
wawa: nasi lemak menjadi. although i always wish my nasi boleh jadi yg butir2 punya macam nasi lemak kukus la kan. huhu.

mum2h: hmmm... ikan bakar guna foil pun ok kan. nak cuba juga lah nanti :)