Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

Haven't I use that quote before?

I can accept the getting older part. Really, I've learned to embrace it. In fact, I am looking forward to becoming 40 (insyallah, semoga di panjangkan umur, amin). It's a milestone, no? I *should* be graduating that year, too.

I think I wanna plan a birthday party to celebrate it. I haven't a birthday party for ages, so shall plan for one. We'll have a kenduri kesyukuran in the AM and party in the PM. Schweet!

Let's revisit that thought in about 4 years from now :-)

What I worry more is the process of aging. I would like to look a little bit younger. Or at least to age gracefully, please. I DO NOT want to look older than my age, thank you very much!

I hope I don't look too shabby now, though *emememe*

How this thought came about? I've been reunited with some of my high school friends recently, and saw photos of them posted in their FB. A few of them looks hot (ok, all 3 of them) or better compared to when they were in their teens. Some of them looks like they haven't change their style much (ok, just that one, haha!), like as if they've been stuck in the 1980s.

But most of them look OLDER than their six and thirty (oh I so write like Jane Austen, haha!).

They look tired, worn out and mostly dress up like aunties --ok, no offence to aunties everywhere but you know what I mean. WTF? And most of them in that category are married, with kids of course. But kids shouldn't be an excuse for you not to look good. Even if they want to look like aunties, can't they at least glam it up a bit?

Ni tak. Dah la tudung selebet, pastu tak match with their clothes. And then, tak nak pakai makeup can see how tired their eyes look like, with black rings and all. Or those yang pakai makeup macam tak reti pakai pulak. Haih!

Now, eventhough you wear a hijab doesn't mean you have to look so unattractive, right? I mean, one of my used-to-be-hotter friends wears a hijab now, but she still look hot and younger to boot compared to these group of people.

So yeah, that scares me. I need to reassess myself to avoid looking like them. Sometime you forget these things because you are too comfortable in your own skin. Not that it is wrong (to be comfortable) but you don't have to look like shit IMO.

This is like a new year's resolution pulak, eh? Lol.

Wahhh.. daily entries. For real? Just goes to show how slow it is in the office this week. And I bet next week too seeing the boss will be away Tuesday onwards.



Doubleaye said…
I want to grow old gracefully like Lily Van der Woodsen :)
Larawannabe said…
Oh yes. She's very fashionable and sophisticated kan. And... what's the word for it? Cultured?
Anonymous said…
Of course Lily VDW is not just cultured, she coutured. Lol.

me too.. I wanna dress better in time. Pakai tudung tak semestinya tak leh dress up gracefully kan...