I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.

Oh hai!

Exams are ovah! But before that, there was drama.

. . . .

I nearly missed the last paper. For some reason, I managed to convinced myself that it is today when in reality it was due yesterday. On Monday, there I was thinking I have two days to do revisions. And still procrastinated -- I checked FB, I read blogs, I tweet-ed, anything but.

And when I looked at my phone to check the time...

I wondered why the date for schedule I set for the exam was missing. I suspect there's something wrong with my phone, like, I think I need to reinstall the OS.

But upon closer inspection (when I clicked on the said event) it appeared without a date because the event has changed to show current day.

! ! !

Panic okeh. Mengelupur pun ada. Haha. Mrasa lah!

I quickly do a condensed and quick revision and then went off to bed. The exam was in the morning at 9 and there's really nothing much I can do. I don't believe in reading my notes right until the time I have to enter the exam hall. I doubt I can remember much.

Unless you have some super power / computer chip for a brain that can absorb information AND keep it in tact within a short span of time. Like Vicki in Small Wonder. Remember that show? I've always wanted to be Vicki! ;-p

Anyhow, I survived. I think. Haha. As long as I pass ok lah, coz the paper doesn't really do much to my overall GPA. The subject was to help us refresh our memory about mathematic before we have to sit for the real deal -- Management Math.

I'm on leave tomorrow for some appointments that I have to keep. Have a good one uols!



mum2h said…
looo kesian nye...sure memang jantung mcm nak tercabut masa tu kan??
Larawannabe said…
Panic punya pasal, rasa macam nak muntah! Haha. Kalau tak pass, padan muka I. Lol.