Les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas.

Although I am fond of the previous blog's template, I thought of changing it as I'm not quite happy with how it blew up the photos I posted. I know, I know, it's all in the CSS. Just too lazy to sift through it, you know? The codes are really long.

Also, I don't like how I'm not able to insert 'jump break' when the feature is already there. So, I went back to btemplate and whad'ya know, there was a new version for the same one. 

I am pretty happy with it now. I can now insert 'lompat istirehat' in an entry like so...

See! And welcome back :)

While updating the other widgets that got wiped out in the process of updating, it's good to know that they've got new codes to update as well. It makes my blog looks so pwetty! Heee...

And I've found another way to digest my daily tweets into a blog post. Heh. It's a roundabout way but as long as it can be done. We shall see how that work out next week.

I've another paper to sit tomorrow morning -- Business Communications. And then, the usual running around to Lot 10. I thought the 'school's' term break starts this week, rupa-rupanya next week. Uhuks.

Ok lah, back to work. I want to finish up a meeting minutes and updating my resume *weeee!*


p/s The title means "tastes and colours are not [to be] argued over"; one does not argue over differences in taste, to each his own.