Long Weekend Cooking Marathon Part 2

Lets try submit an entry by email today. Yesterday's was sent via MMS and a lot of nonsense was added to the message by the network operator. Perlu ke?

This one is sent using my phone's email client. Hope it'll work.

For dinner last night, pot roast was next on the list. However, I couldn't find any nice chunk of beef in the supermarkets. As an alternative, I prepared roast chicken instead.

Followed Jamie Oliver's Fantastic Roast Chicken recipe I found on someone's blog. I'll include the link here when I get to use the computer later. Here's the link to the recipe. Good luck!

The roast was oh-so-yummy! The skin nice and crispy; the meat tender. There was no leftovers that I can reheat for lunch today. Lol.

I made the brown sauce using the recipe given by the blog owner. It complemented the roast nicely.

Just that next time, I'll only use the juice from half the lemon. I used two halves last night. It tasted too tangy at first; I had to modify it a bit.

And to also include broccoli with the potatoes and carrots. Maybe throw in broccoli with carrots into the dish, and make mash potato instead :)

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