Weekly Twitter Update - 13 Dec 2009

  • Wow! The smell's so appetizing. Making me HUNGRY. Oh noooeesss. #
  • Train announcer-thingy got confused, gave us wrong info. I thot I took the Sri Petaling train but it says we're heading to Ampang pulak. #
  • We all looked at each other, puzzled. Should have seen it. Lol. Later the train handler made an announcement to correct the mistake. #
  • There's this young woman talking rather childishly. She may think she's being cute, but oy she squeek! NOT sexy. #
  • Twitter is a buzz! Congrats on your engagement @Xiaxue. Many happiness to you & Mike :) #
  • The blog's updated: Les goĆ»ts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas. tinyurl.com/yczqjac -- just so you know. #
  • Spotted: New WTH car reg plate. Twice! And both on a Vios - a black and a silver car. I only saw WTF once so far. So unlucky -_- #
  • Ugh. Have to wake up early tomorrow. On a Saturday :( Just for 1 paper. Woe! #
  • Just finished a paper. Waiting for the others now. Sigh. #
  • The paper's for 3 hrs, but I completed it within 2. Is that good or bad? But I've answered all questions. What else is there to write? #
  • I'm hungry... My train buddy just ditched me, her hubs picked her up. Should I just head on or still wait for the others? Hmm... #
  • Hungry and bored, not a good combination, yes? #
  • Lovely sunny day. A bit hot but lovely warmth nonetheless. Good day for laundry too. #
  • Im pretty contend to just stay home today. Think I'll reschedule Mira's class this PM to next week. Yup. Will do just that. #
  • Had lunch, will now read 2-3 chapters of New Moon, then will give some love & attention to Booboo :) #
  • Mira got the latest Toys R Us promo catalog. She's been picking and choosing, making a list of what she like. 8 items on last count. Masak! #
  • Would Superman let anything harm Lois? 'course not. #
  • Heading out to Lot 10 in a few. #
  • Aw. A friendly neighbour dropped us off at the bus hub. I expect we'll be so early, there'll be no need to stress to be on time. Lol. #
  • There's this girl in FB who befriended me recently. Most of the time her status are about her love life. Written in bad English ;) #
  • So drama -_- #
  • Heavy traffic going in and out of the Golden Triangle. #
  • Nuggets and a cup of tea. Shiok! #
  • Watching Star Trek. #
  • Weekend, why you end so fast? #



nong@kween said…
hey, I love this!!!
Larawannabe said…
Senang kan? I love it too :)