I just need enough to tide me over until I need more.


Ok, as the story goes, I have been looking for a new job prospect for a few months now, but to no avail. Entah lah. I found a lot of job vacant posting in JS, but when you apply either your application got ignored or you've been tagged as 'unsuccessful' immediately after that or nothing happens at all.

Next thing you know, the position has been assumed filled and position closed. And then a few weeks down the line you'll see the same posting again wtf.

Last week though (on that day I sat for mid term, I remembered), I received a call from an acquaintance asking if I'm interested to apply for a position in a company she recently joined. She knew of me through someone while I was looking for a job in another capacity a year ago.

I submitted my resume the next day, as requested.

A few days later she called again to arrange a meeting between all 4 of them with me. I met them on Tuesday morning. I was delayed by thirty minutes, fyi; curses to the Kelana Jaya line LRT. Of all the days, some technical shit has to happened that day itself.

(Ok lah, I hardly take that line anyway, LOL!)

On that same day too, Mira had an apparently routine medical check-up in her school. She was given a letter of reference by the doctor to have her check for autism (??!!). Based on? Her refusal to speak in class or to communicate with her teachers, only nodding when spoken to and hardly interacts with her class mates.

No lie, I was at first shocked and pissed off when I read the report. There was something in there that I find a bit out of line.

So that was Tuesday's debacle. I went to meet her class teacher on Wednesday, told her how I felt. Because I have explained at length to her about Mira's character -- her strengths and weaknesses, and how best to approach her. And yet it seems like she's adamant to find something she can put a label on.

Probably she thought I am one of those delusional parents in denial kot.

Please lah. I had my worry when Mira was three. I spoke to her teachers in Q-dees as well as her paed and they all think there's nothing wrong. But after I vented to all who'd listen, I decided it is best to check for everyone's peace of mind.

Also on that same day, I received a call from the same lady I met yesterday with an offer of employment. Oh joy! ^_^

Seriously, what conflicting of emotions this week has been. Kesian my friends. LOL.

Then when I saw my Dad that night, I told him about Mira's medical examination report. He was very worried and gave Mira a lecture -- how she has to speak up in class, don't just keep quiet, bla bla bla. It was the same lecture I gave her the night before and I repeated it again yesterday when we're at home.

And you know what Mira said to me in reply?

"I don't want la bibu."


I planned to speak to my boss today, to tender my resignation (and ask for an early release). But I only received the offer letter three minutes before he's about to leave. And he's not coming into the office tomorrow.


On that note... anyone looking for a secretary job? Please email me your resume pronto! Thanks :)



nong@kween said…
Uols.. mmg conflicting sangat coz I remember we dok discuss psl mira and all the worries and all that. next thing we know we dok congratulate you psl your new job. LOL..

oh well, this is life.
Larawannabe said…
kan? hahaha. mak pun confused jugak. conflicting happy and sad news at the same time.