Mayhaps you desire to - SQUIRREL!

I had a wonderful birthday :)

It's been ages since I last had a birthday celebration of sort. It will be weird to buy your own cake on your birthday, isn't it :p So no, I haven't had a birthday since, like forever gitu.

But last night Dad and Kim gave me a surprise 'party' amongst us. I even had to blow a candle! Mira kinda gave it away when she shouted 'Bibu, ada birthday cake!' through the window just as I opened the front gate. Lol.

Tomorrow and Sunday I'll have to drive Mira to her ballet class. These are extras, they're supposed to be on 'term break'.

Two hours starting at 10. Sigh. Thought I could sleep in some :p



Doubleaye said…
Happy Belated Birthday Lara! x
nong@kween said…
happy bday uolss..

remember tak last year uols dtg my house then we celebrate my bday bagai. lol...