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Hmm... I have a gadget itch and it is quite severe.

Actually, I've been mulling over getting a netbook / laptop since I started my course. I find if we have our own portable computers, it is so much easier when time comes for doing presentations.

You can't rely on those free-for-all laptops provided by the uni. The last time we tried, it felt like using a used condom with the amount of virus trying to latched on your files. And the warning pops-up that triggered the unit's anti-virus software can give you a headache.

(Selingan: Alasan? You bet! Lol.)

I managed to surpress the itch until now :p Reason being, I've three subjects next semester that may require me to do presentations. So, need laptop nao!

Ok, maybe not now. Soon-ish. Before June, maybe.

I've decided to get a Dell Mini over a full blown 14/15" laptops. What I can't decide is which model I'd like to have -- Mini 10v or the 'new Mini 10'?

Mini 10v is supposed to be an upgrade from Mini 10, but 'the new Mini 10' is said to be the latest model of Mini. Dell's marketing all three on their websites not helping, and you can't compare the old ones with this 'new Mini 10' either to clearly see the difference in specs.

Speaking of which, the noticeable differences I can see are the processor and HDD provided.

After reading tonnes of review and watching countless of YouTube videos, I think I've made my decision... ('think'; because I may change my mind. I am fickle, but what's new?).

Eventhough I don't fancy how it looks, I'm choosing the new Mini 10 just for its prolonged battery hours. Heh. If I am to be using this to replace the three manuals I lugged to tutorials (sila baca selingan sekali lagi), then I need a machine that lasts 6-8 hours long without having to hook it to a power outlet.

The new Mini 10 comes with a 6-cell battery that can last up to 9 hours. Perfect.

Now, all I need is to find some cash to buy this thing :p



mum2h said…
beli...jgn x beli.. i pun dah terjebak beli 1.. bkan intel laju sikit. but ringan and kecil. bateri pun last to 9 hours
Larawannabe said…
Acer Aspire tu ke? tu la ni tiba2 teringin nak beli laptop pulak dah. altho sebenarnya tak perlu. hehe. tapi...

confuse betol.
mum2h said…
yup.. pricey but suit my needs la.