None are so busy as the fool and knave.

Sigh. I kept typing and deleting those sentences to start over, again and again. Don't really know if it is appropriate to write about it or which one to start first.

It has been awhile and maybe I am out of practise :p

Anyway, interesting news albeit old was that I made Dean's list for May '09. Told ya' I passed with flying colours, did I not. Lol. I was pretty happy about it, no doubt. And Dad was mighty proud that he gave me RM50 for a job well done.

Ha! Felt like mak baru dapat result bagus in Form 5 je.

Howeverrrrrr... I did really bad last semester. I nearly failed that 3-hour long paper. 'Marginal failure' it said. Sadis sungguh.

Like I said, kinda expected it to be like that. Just didn't know it'll be THAT bad. I know I played a lot last sem. Besides, I was distracted by something-something.

I supposed it was a good thing for it to happen (bad results, that is). It shocked me and made me work harder for this semester.

Moving forward, I think I'll repeat that paper to improve my grade. Sebab dah 'marginal failure' tu kan credit tu tak masuk buku. Uhuks. And if I'm to do it within a year, I do not have to do a new assignment as well.

I plan to sit for it next semester, but not sure if I'm allowed to that yet.

Speaking of which, I've to register for next sem within these few days. Midterm pun belum sudah lagik uols (which is next weekend, yikes!). I've seen the subjects offered, quite interesting. Lots of reading to do, I'm sure.

On another note, Mira's birthday is next week. I have no clue what to get for her... another Barbie? A new dress? A new shoe? A new book? A new colouring set? A new set of stationery? Ben 10? What?