Like car accidents, most hardware problems are due to driver error.

I have tutorials today, while we wait for my next class to start...

After all the whinging, I've decided to relook at my 'gadget wish list' (yes, I have one of those) to start working on a possible solution. It seems like an impossible feat to get all the hardwares within a short span of time (I want it naooooo!).

Heck, I've had the list since 2008. The price tag on it was humongous. Tu pasal sampai la ni tak upgrade lagi PC tu.

However, when one stop dreaming and put one's feet firmly on the ground to start thinking rationally instead (LOL!), it didn't look so bad afterall. I mean, do I need to have a 30" ultrasharp HDMI LCD monitor? Of course not. It's nice to have, but it isn't essential.

I'll just get an 18" LCD or something. One that costs not more than RM350. I think that's workable. It is still better than my 17" CRT yang a la nyawa-nyawa ikan je tu kan.

Also, I dunno where I got this idea that I need to have at least 3GHz processor to run Windows 7. 1GHz is enough, apparently. My current system runs on 1.6 / 1.8GHz, I can't remember now. I dreamt of getting the latest AMD Phenom II (tak nak kalah -- price tag? RM900+ uols).

Now, by sticking with current motherboard, the only thing that I need to upgrade is my RAM -- I only have 512MB. So I shall get a 2GB stick.

Still, I am not sure if it can run Sims 3, especially with Win 7. Possibly can, but I won't be able to play with high settings. It'd probably be more comfortable if I stick with XP. Hmmm... something to think about.

Oh, and I need to get a bigger HDD. I think I need to change it; the current one has koyak-ed, I'm sure of it. I doubt I need a terabyte worth, but 500GB will do.

See, I dreamt of building an ultimate gaming machine. The thing is, the only game I would play on it is The Sims. And your occassional Diner Dash or Farm Mania games. Hehe...

This weekend if I have the time, I shall open up the hood so-to-speak, to inspect what has happened (it refused to boot -- that was the problem).

Lets hope it's nothing major though -_-'