Peet stop?

Can you spot which is my car? Presuming you know once one it is lah. Hahaha.

Ignore it, please ;)

Anyway, I did a fun (not) test last two weeks. Tried driving the work for the whole week 2 weeks ago and took the train for the whole week last week.

And the verdict?

I like driving in the morning to work. Traffic's not so bad (managable) and I can start my journey at half past eight. The coming home bit, not so much.

Traffic is madness in the evening. And when it rains? Haiyoooo... can cry one! It can take up to 2 hours to get home. Gilos.

As for taking the train -- I don't enjoy it as much in the morning because by hook or by crook, I have to reach the station by half past eight. Meaning, I have to leave home so much earlier -- takes between 15 - 20 minutes to reach station driving from home.

If not, I'll be late for work. So far, boss doesn't really care and pretty cool about it. But you'll never know how it is in the (near) future ;)

I will smile with glee taking the train home though, knowing I wouldn't be stuck in the traffic like the rest of them. Besides, getting the train from Ampang to Masjid Jamek isn't that bad or congested. And so far, from Masjid Jamek to Tasik Selatan is not so bad, too.

I can be home in an hour without much grief, which is cool.

For now, if I can help it I'll take the train to work. If I reckon I couldn't make it to the station on time, then I'll just drive straight to the office. I hope the latter wouldn't happen so often.

Oh, ada amusing story.

The car park has 2 attendants who manage and sorta arrange the cars like the photo above. The other day, Thursday I think, they saw me walking by the area from the train station. They called out to me from afar, asked where's my car and why I didn't park the car at their place that day.

So long can still recognize me ah? Lol.