This isn't life in the fast lane.

Thank goodness I took the train today! :)



mum2h said…
jalan i lalu everyday..luckily my working hours is flexible.

Cuma kalau tak bernasib baik je kena tempuh sesak semput tu
dillazag said…
Blog hopped from flowerella daily. Love your blog. Do you mind if I link you?
Larawannabe said…
mum2h: Sebenarnya shocked tengok berderet2 kereta nak lalu that tunnel infront of City Square tu. Never knew it can be that bad. No wonder la traffic nowadays felt extraordinary bad to me. I mean, it has been... what? 10 years since I left this area? Hehe.

dillazag: Don't mind at all. Now I have 5 readers, yeay! Haha. Nanti I'll link and visit in return. Welcome and thank you for visiting :)