It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!

Some silly stuff for your entertainment... a chat-convo I had with Chewie, my colleague.

Me: I cannot wait for ur lala dinner thingy!
Me: I dreamt abt it last nite :p
Me: I even dreamt of going on a date with jacob and edward
Me: to ur lala shop
Me: wtf
Chewie: alo, wake up :p
Chewie: jacob and edward you greedy girl!!
Chewie: choose one :p
Me: cannot. for i am bella...
Chewie: hahahahahaha

Yup... it's been a slow day.

Btw, I SO wanna go watch Despicable Me. For Agnes alone. She's so comel, I'm gonna die! Lol.



nong said…
Can I have the wolves pack all to myself please....

cant wait for this friday..
Larawannabe said…
Mak dah beli tixs! Woohoo!